STATHAKISFAMILY was awarded a gold quality award at the London Honey Awards

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STATHAKISFAMILY as a 3rd generation Cretan honey production and standardization company stood out and was distinguished among other entries from 24 countries at the London Honey Awards, one of the most well-known international honey quality competitions that aim to highlight the best honeys on the market.

The company’s products were awarded for the second year in a row at the international awards with P.D.O. honey as the protagonist. Cretan pine thyme honey that won a gold quality award by collecting over 95 points.

A few words about the award-winning product:

The 1st company in Crete with P.D.O. for the Cretan Pine Honey!

Name: Pine Thyme Melon of Crete P.D.O.

Identity: Pefkothymaromelo of Crete P.D.O. is a natural mixture of thyme honey with pine honey which comes from the coexistence of late flowering thymes of the species Corido thymus capitatus with the honey secretions of the pine tree. Produced and packaged exclusively in Crete.

Profile: Rich in vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, strengthens the immune system, is an excellent antitussive and has several other beneficial effects.

Advantages: Honey labeled with a Protected Designation of Origin, is available fresh and unprocessed, which contributes to maintaining the excellent quality of the honey produced by the bee from the nature of Crete.

Place of origin: Collected in several areas of Crete where late thyme blooms alongside the honeydew secretions of the pine, with the result that the bees simultaneously collect honeydew secretions of Marchalina hellenica and thyme nectar. The natural mixing of forest honey (pine honey) with thyme creates a separate category of honey, a unique product, which combines the mild taste of pine honey with the strong aromatic profile of thyme and is characterized by the presence of Cretan plants.

Special features: The natural mixing of forest honey with thyme creates this special category of honey, which is dense, with a low amount of moisture and uniquely combines the mild taste of pine honey with the strong aromatic profile of thyme, Cretan plants and flowers. Pine-thyme honey does not have the impressive color, clarity and brilliance of thyme honey, nor the “cloudiness” that distinguishes pine honeys, but an intermediate coloring. Its smell is of moderate intensity with a slight sense of fruit and wax. Compared to pine honey, it has higher acidity, longer flavor and stronger floral aroma, but weaker wood and resin aroma. The natural mixing of thyme honey with pine honey results in an intermediate state that in any case keeps it liquid for at least 12 months from the day of collection.

Packaging: Pefkothymaromelo of Crete P.D.O. available from our company in glass jars of 450gr/900gr.

Health ally: It is of high nutritional value with tonic and antiseptic properties, a quick source of energy for the body, athletes, children, pregnant women, the sick and for any suffering body, a 100% natural product that arrives at your table as nature provides it. It gives longevity and well-being

Stathakisfamily is based in Kissamos, Chania and has a presence in 17 countries today. In Greece, all its certified products are available at selected points of sale throughout Attica as well as at GALAXIAS, MY MARKET, SYNKA super markets.

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