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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy regarding the correct practices of apiculture has been and remains unaltered, focused on increasing our contribution to pollination and sustainable development, achieving zero carbon footprint while maintaining consistently high the quality characteristics of our products. The undeniable quality and flavor, combined with unique aromas, are the fruits of our efforts.
We operate in accordance with the guidelines of our scientific partners, at every step of our production, and we rely on the principles of the Code of Ethics for the Environmental Protection of the Apiculture Sector in Greece and European countries.
The exceptional performance of these practices endows our products with unparalleled nutritional value and high sensory characteristics.
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About us

More than 60 years of experience in honey production.

Our company, STATHAKISFAMILY in the last 13 years has developed a line of excellent quality products based on the 5 types of honey that the Cretan land can offer, as well as other bee products and their derivatives. The need of modernization of our unit as far concerned the level of equipment as well the best quality made us create a new extra contemporary private standardization workshop in Kisamos.

This attempt complies with all existing legislation requirements with the ultimate aim of the best quality of the final product. In this way clients proceed in having trust in the Stathakisfamily as they have been doing since 1963.

Consumers from more than 15 countries have the opportunity to experience our products. Additionally, customers in the domestic Greek market trust our honey since we serve over 100 stores throughout mainland, while at the same time 3 super market chains both with our brand and private labels have place our products on their shelves.

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